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Time to Start Planning for Implementation of Florida SB 64

Articles 11-09-2021

In June 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed CS/SB 64 that requires domestic wastewater utilities to submit a five-year plan to eliminate nonbeneficial surface water discharges to the ...

Water and Wastewater Systems Are Especially Vulnerable to Cybercriminals

Articles 10-20-2021

A Senate hearing about escalating cyberattacks against U.S. utility and water management agencies in July revealed some eye-popping statistics. ...

MLK Jr. Park Design Provides the Ideal Blueprint for Arkansas City

Articles 08-27-2021

Nearly 54 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dropped in on a group of students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia. It was a brief visit by all accounts. But in true Dr. King fashion, he taught, challenged and inspired those students ...

Asphalt Pavement Preservation Saves Roads and Budgets

Articles 08-18-2021

Demands on public roadways and overall transportation budgets increase seemingly every year. While quality and safety are critical roadway components, the financial burden to maintain and repair those facilities is high and becomes ...

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811 Day Brings Halff SUE to the Forefront

Articles 08-11-2021

Winter Storm Recovery: Important Lessons and How to Move Forward

Articles 04-20-2021

Why Online Bidding Platforms Improve the Efficiency of Bidding Your Projects

Articles 11-04-2020

The Supply Chain Impact and Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Articles 10-07-2020

Waters of the U.S. Definition Change May Create New Opportunities for Developers

Articles 09-30-2020

Examining Atlas 14’s Impact on Future Development in the Houston Area

Articles 09-23-2020

From Corridor Safety to Connected Roadways, Vehicles and Buildings, Intelligent Transportation Systems Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions

Articles 09-08-2020

Integrated Architectural and Engineering Approach Is More Collaborative, More Efficient and Quicker to Market

Articles 09-03-2020

Capital Cascades Park: A Vision to Improve Stormwater Management Within a World-Class Park Is a Reality in Tallahassee

Articles 07-31-2020

Section 404 Updates on Navigable Waters Protection Rule and Nationwide Permit 12

Articles 06-10-2020

Machine Learning Will Take Prioritization and Capital Improvement Project Selection to the Next Level

Articles 05-21-2020

Virtual Public Meeting Is a New Venture and Success for Bexar County

Articles 05-07-2020

5 Days of Do-It-Yourself STEM Projects

Articles 04-27-2020

Part II: Stay Calm and Carry On … With Virtual Public Engagement

Articles 04-24-2020

Part I: Stay Calm and Carry On … With Virtual Public Engagement

Articles 04-20-2020

How GIS Is an Effective Tool in Evaluating Environmental Impacts and Accelerating the Decision-Making Process

Articles 04-07-2020

A Message From Our President/CEO: COVID-19

Articles 03-25-2020

Regional Veloweb Connects Mobility to Quality of Life in North Texas

Articles 03-04-2020

Map It Out: Halff’s New Mobile System Shows No Boundaries for Data Collection

Articles 02-05-2020

Don’t Let Right of Way Acquisition Delays Unhinge Your Project

Articles 01-22-2020

Unique City of Austin Tree Inventory Project Integrates Geospatial Asset Management Tool

Articles 01-16-2020

Five Things You May Not Have Known About Construction Services

Articles 10-09-2019

Smart City Technology Abounds, but Planners Will Help Put It to Good Use

Articles 09-25-2019

Five Things That Make a Great Sports Complex Experience for Players and Fans

Articles 08-28-2019

From Interns to Full-Time Employees, Learn Why These Engineers Chose a Halff Career

Articles 08-14-2019

How a Smart Traffic Control System Can Signal Success on the Roads

Articles 08-07-2019

Seven Ways to Become a Resilient Employee

Articles 07-24-2019

Understanding Risk and Resilience Requirements for Water Systems

Articles 07-17-2019

Texas Tax Reform Makes Stormwater Utility Fee a Critical Resource

Articles 06-26-2019

Successful Structural Designs Are Constructible, Affordable and Sustainable

Articles 05-22-2019

Addressing Channel Erosion Early Can Provide Significant Long-Term Cost Savings

Articles 05-08-2019

How Subsurface Utility Engineering Validates Design and Enhances Safety

Articles 05-01-2019

Pharmacy Safety Standards, Hazardous Drugs and Mechanical Design: What You Need to Know

Articles 04-17-2019

Happy Trails: Why an Urban Walkable Environment Is Such a Rewarding Path

Articles 03-20-2019

Finding the Right Solution Often Includes Software Development

Articles 02-27-2019

Gold in Our Midst: The Hidden Value of Parks

Articles 02-13-2019

Roundtable: Why a Collaborative Approach to Flood Resilience Is Important

Articles 01-30-2019

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Oklahoma Oil and Gas

Articles 01-23-2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Civil Works—the More You Know

Articles 01-09-2019

How Asset Management Helps Maximize Existing Assets, Prioritize New Projects

Articles 12-19-2018

How Art Brings Value to the Trail

Articles 12-05-2018

A Look Behind the Curtain at UAS Program Preparation and Safety

Articles 11-21-2018

Defining How and to What Level Autonomous Vehicles Hit the Open Road

Articles 11-07-2018

Why Properly Structured Water Databases Are So Important

Articles 10-24-2018

Technological Advancements Have Allowed for Better Flood Risk Analysis

Articles 10-17-2018

Regulation of Professional Geoscientists at Stake With Sunset Commission Decision

Articles 10-03-2018

The Importance of Implementable Comprehensive Plans

Articles 09-19-2018

Flood Risk Technology, Part IV: Flood Inundation Mapping and Forecasting

Articles 09-05-2018

How Visualization Helps Us ‘See’ the Road

Articles 08-22-2018

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Right of Way

Articles 07-25-2018

Finding Dollars to Build Our Highways

Articles 07-11-2018

What Local Governments Need to Know Before Pursuing Federal Funding

Articles 06-27-2018

Designing a Built Environment That Is Resilient

Articles 06-13-2018

Flood Risk Technology, Part III: Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

Articles 05-23-2018

Why Benchmarking Your Building’s Energy Efficiency Is So Important

Articles 05-09-2018

How Infill Redevelopment Can Benefit a Community

Articles 04-25-2018

What You Need to Know About Stream Erosion, Stabilization and Restoration

Articles 04-11-2018

Where? Surveyors Have the Answer

Articles 03-28-2018

The Story Behind Destination Parks

Articles 03-14-2018

Flood Risk Technology, Part II: Historical Rainfall Records

Articles 02-28-2018

The Value of Communication and Interaction in Process Safety Management

Articles 02-14-2018

Applying Low Impact Development Features That Are Practical

Articles 01-31-2018

Caught in Traffic? Time to Think About the Future of Transportation

Articles 01-17-2018

When to Consider Daylighting a Stream

Articles 01-03-2018

The Future of SUE Includes Deep Locating

Articles 12-06-2017

Flood Risk Technology, Part I: An Overview

Articles 11-22-2017

What You Need to Know About Section 404 Permitting

Articles 11-08-2017

When Recreation Becomes Transportation

Articles 10-25-2017

How LiDAR Contributes to the World Around Us

Articles 10-11-2017

Underground propane tank removal
Delivering Clear Pipeline Right of Way

Articles 10-16-2016

Why Surveying is Critical in the Success of Your Linear Projects

Articles 08-16-2016

The Right Power Supply for Your Process Facility

Articles 07-16-2016

Siphon 28 at Jones Road
Improving the Delivery of Raw Water

Articles 06-01-2016

Program Management
Program Management

Articles 05-01-2016

Halff Presentations at Texas Water

Articles 03-01-2016

White Rock Pump Station, Dallas
Historic Preservation

Articles 02-01-2016

Social Media
Use of Social Media

Articles 01-01-2016

Healthy Condenser Coil Fins
Corrosion Protection for Treatment Plants

Articles 11-01-2015

Asset Data Collection

Articles 10-01-2015

Bringing Information to Your Doorstep

Articles 09-01-2015

Tunnel Profile
Trenchless Technology Tunneling Methods

Articles 08-01-2015

Chesapeake Learning Center
Smart Water Irrigation Systems and The Benefits of Using Native/Adapted Landscaping

Articles 07-01-2015

The Benefits and Challenges of Going Green

Articles 06-01-2015

NEPA and the Keys to Environmental Clearance for Your Project

Articles 05-01-2015

Using Creativity to Achieve Client Goals and Project Success

Articles 04-01-2015

How SUE Helps Minimize Construction Issues

Articles 03-01-2015

How Great Utility Coordination Leads to Project Success

Articles 02-01-2015

Resolving Right-of-Way Issues

Articles 01-01-2015

Wetlands & Waterways – Navigating Federal Policy Under the Clean Water Act

Articles 12-01-2014

Ensure That Environmental Issues Don’t Delay Your Projects

Articles 11-01-2014

The Importance of Rehabilitation and Replacement of Water/Wastewater Lines

Articles 10-01-2014

Effective Communication With the Public

Articles 09-01-2014

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